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ROH Salvation Review

Overall: 8.5/10

Rasche Brown & Grizzly Redwood vs. Erick Stevens & Necro Butcher (Tag Wars 2010 Opening Round Match) – *1/2

Sara Del Ray vs. Amazing Kong (Women of Honor Match) – **1/4

The Briscoes vs. The House of Truth (Tag Wars 2010 Opening Round Match) – ***1/2

Roderick Strong(1) vs. Austin Aries (Pick 6 Series Match) – ***1/2

All Night Express vs. Jerry Lynn & Delirious (Tag Wars 2010 Opening Round Match) – **1/2

American Wolves vs. Colt Cabana & El Generico (Tag Wars 2010 Opening Round Match) – ***1/2

Kings of Wrestling vs. Generation Me – ****

Tyler Black(c) vs. Kevin Steen (ROH World Title Match) – ****1/4

Final Thoughts: I thought this show was very very good. The opener was yet another boring and hard to watch Embassy match. In a rematch from SCOH V, Del Ray/Kong had a good womens match and about the same quality as their first match. Briscoes/HoT was a surprisingly very good match. House of Truth were in the middle of having their best matches as a tag team. Strong/Aries was another very good match. I hoped that when Roddy won the belt that we would see these two wrestle again but that obviously didn’t happen. ANX vs. Delirious & Jerry Lynn was a good match but just wasn’t given a lot of time. I expected more from the Wolves vs. Cabana & Generico and it did let me down a little bit. Nonetheless, the match was high paced and technically sound. Generation Me and the Kings of Wrestling put on a great match. Sucks because for most of the night the Chicago crowd was dead and in this match, the crowd did not help. And in the MOTN, Black & Steen had put on a great show. Sick spot where Tyler did a double stomp through a table that busted Steen wide open. Too bad Black signed with WWE, because the DVD ended w/ Steen saying “we’ve got him”. Would’ve loved that storyline. This show is probably the most underrated for ROH in 2010. Definitely recommend it.


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