Wrestling PPV Reviews

PWG Life During Wartime Review

Overall: 8.5/10

Brandon Bonham vs. Arik Cannon – ***

Hook Bomberry & TJ Perkins vs. Charles Mercury & Mikey Nicholls – **1/2

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Phoenix Star – *3/4

Kikutaro vs. Necro Butcher (Necro Butcher Rules Match) – DUD

The Dynasty (Scott Lost & Joey Ryan) vs. KAZMA & MIYAWAKI vs. The Young Bucks – ***1/2

Chris Bosh vs. Scorpio Sky (Special Return Match) – ***1/2

Roderick Strong(c) & El Generico vs. Age of the Fall (Jimmy Jacobs & Tyler Black) (PWG Tag Team Championship) – ***1/4

Human Tornado(c) vs. Chris Hero (Guerrilla Warfare Steel Cage Match for the PWG World Championship) – ****1/2

Final Thoughts: Awesome show here from PWG. Excalibur came out and say that Jack Evans wouldn’t show & Jay Briscoe had been fired for a lame excuse to ditch the show. The opener between Bonham & Cannon was good. I’ve never seen much of Arik but he looked good in the match. The tag team match that followed was decent. TJ Perkins is vastly underrated. Castagnoli & Phoenix Star were having a good match then out of nowhere Claudio did the giant swing and won. Way too short of a match. Kikutaro/Butcher was a comedy match that was absolutely brutal to sit through. One of the worst matches I’ve seen from PWG. The 3 Way Tag Team match was awesome. A ton of back and forth action here. In his first match since retirement and last match in pro wrestling, Chris Bosh put on one helluva match with Scorpio Sky. The crowd was PISSED that Scorpio defeated Bosh. Filling in for Jay Briscoe, El Generico teamed up with Roderick Strong to have a good match with the Age of the Fall. Kinda disappointing since it was a title match, but I’m sure it was put together last minute. The main event was absolutely INSANE. Ton of brutal and mark out spots from Tornado. Hero became the PWG Champion with the help of Candice LaRae. Definitely recommend this show.


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