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ROH Supercard of Honor V Review

**NOTE: From now on, I will not be reviewing every ’10 shows, but only the ones that I own. I want to review the ’11 shows as soon as they come out & I wasn’t even halfway through ’10 yet.**

Overall: 9.25/10

All Night Express vs. The Briscoes – ***1/4

Grizzly Redwood vs. Erick Stevens – **

Sara Del Rey vs. Awesome Kong – **1/4

Christopher Daniels vs. Eddie Edwards – ***1/2

Austin Aries vs. Delirious – N/A (Very good promo/segment)

Kevin Steen vs. Colt Cabana (34th Street Last Man Standing Death Match) – ****

The Kings of Wrestling vs. The Motor City Machine Guns (Tag Team Championship) – ****1/2

Tyler Black vs. Roderick Strong (ROH World Championship) – ****1/2

Final Thoughts: Absolutely amazing show. Night kicked off with the Briscoes taking on ANX. Good match here, although I felt it didn’t really hype up the crowd. Redwood/Stevens was a waste of time but Balls Mahoney came out for Redwood which set up the tag team match at Glory By Honor IX. Del Ray/Kong had an good womens match but once again disappointed in quality. I still think ROH shouldn’t have womens matches since they do nothing for the show. In his first ROH NYC show since coming back, Christopher Daniels had a helluva match with Eddie Edwards. Daniels picked up the win, which wouldn’t be the last time he’d be Eddie. The Last Man Standing Deathmatch was freakin’ awesome! Loved the finish where Steen put on the crossface with a barbed wire baseball bat in fist. The Tag Team title match was absolutely great, although I do feel it’s a bit overrated. MCMG & KoW worked really well together and I wouldn’t mind seeing a rematch. Black & Strong put on an amazing match and for me was MOTN. Kinda sucks though because the crowd was dead until the ending spots. This is one of the best shows of 2010 so I would absolutely recommend it!


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