Wrestling PPV Reviews

WWE Backlash ’09 Review

Overall: 8/10

Jack Swagger© vs. Christian (ECW Championship) – ***1/2

Chris Jericho vs. Ricky Steamboat – ***1/4

CM Punk vs. Kane – **1/2

Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy (I Quit Match) – **1/2

Santina© vs. Beth Phoenix (Miss WrestleMania Crown) – DUD

Triple©, Shane McMahon, & Batista vs. Legacy (Six Man Tag for the WWE Championship) – ***1/2

John Cena© vs. Edge (Last Man Standing Match for the World Heavyweight Championship) – ****

Final Thoughts: Awesome show here. The opener was Swagger/Christian was the sleeper match of the night as the two put on a very good match. This match put Swagger on the map as one of the best young technical wrestlers in WWE. Jericho/Steamboat was another very good match here with another very impressive showing from The Dragon. Punk/Kane was decent, although I would say Kane carried this match for the most part. The I Quit Match was incredibly disappointing. There was no pace at all and was poorly put together, although the finish was pretty good. We had a Khali Kiss Cam segment (horrible by the way) which led to a Beth/Santina match which lasted 3 seconds. I like the 6 Man Tag more than a lot of people. Although the ending was botched by the timekeeper, having Orton punt Triple H in the skull was sick. The Last Man Standing match was great. There was 2 sick Attitude Adjustment spots (1 from the top rope and the second from the announcer table into the crowd). In a very memorable finish, Edge won the World Heavyweight Championship after Big Show choke slammed Cena into a spot-light. This was definitely one of my favorite PPVs from 2009 and I recommend watching it.


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