Wrestling PPV Reviews

WWE Royal Rumble ’09 Review

**NOTE: This is the start of reviewing all of the ’09 WWE PPVs. Enjoy!*

Overall: 7.5/10

Jack Swagger© vs. Matt Hardy (ECW Championship) – **3/4

Beth Phoenix© vs. Melina (Women’s Championship) – **1/4

John Cena© vs. JBL (World Heavyweight Championship) – **1/2

Jeff Hardy© vs. Edge (No DQ Match for the WWE Championship) – ***1/2

Royal Rumble Match – ***3/4

Final Thoughts: I thought this PPV was relatively decent although I did have fun watching it. Swagger/Hardy was good and Beth/Melina was very good for Divas match (not surprisingly since both are 2 of the small amount of Divas who can wrestle). I thought Cena/JBL flat out sucked balls. Without the drama of HBK involved in this match (See: JBL/HBK “broke” storyline) this match would’ve been unbearable. I really liked Hardy/Edge. Both guys looked impressive and Hardy did his share of spots. As for the Royal Rumble match, VERY good. Even though Orton winning was incredibly predictable (See: Orton/McMahon storyline), it was very easy to sit through being an hour long match. Overall, I thought this PPV was fun and I would recommend it.


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