Wrestling PPV Reviews

PWG Titannica Review

Overall: 8.5/10

Brandon Bonham vs. Malachi “CK” Jackson – **1/4

Brandon Gatson vs. Ryan Taylor – ***3/4

The Cutler Brothers vs. Johnny Goodtime and Jerome “LTP” Robinson – ***1/4

El Generico vs. Paul London – ***1/4

Joey Ryan vs. Christian Von Eerie – ***

Davey Richards© vs. Roderick Strong (PWG World Championship) – ****1/2

The Young Bucks© vs. The Briscoes (PWG Tag Team Championship) – ****

Final Thoughts: Yet another great show from PWG this year. This show was just so much fun to watch. The most surprising match of the night was Gatson/Taylor. This match was pure insanity and proved to me that these 2 guys are gonna be big players in PWG for years to come. Generico/London was slightly disappointing (although it was just booked to form their tag team) and Ryan/Von Eerie was a fun comedy match with some good wrestling as well. The 2 main events were just great. Davey/Strong was the definition of a technical wrestling match and IMO was slightly better than Davey/Omega at As The Worm Turns. The crowd made this match one that is one of the best matches this year in PWG. The Briscoes did a great job in a rare PWG appearance against The Bucks and put on an awesome match for the Tag Team titles. I would definitely recommended this show. You NEED to see the insanity that is Davey Richards vs. Roderick Strong.


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