Wrestling PPV Reviews

WWE Armageddon ’05 Review

Overall: 7/10

Matt Hardy vs. JBL – **

The Mexicools vs. MNM – **3/4

Chris Benoit© vs. Booker T (Bmatch 4 of Best-of-7 Series for the United States Championship) – ***1/2

Bobby Lashley vs. William Regal & Paul Burchill (Handicap Match) – ½*

Juventud© vs. Kid Kash (Cruiserweight Championship) – **3/4

Undertaker vs. Randy Orton (Hell in a Cell Match) – ****

Final Thoughts: I thought this PPV was better than what it looked like on paper. Mexicools/MNM wasn’t bad and they worked pretty well together. Benoit/Booker was really good and got a ton of time to work. Why was there another Bobby Lashley match on this show? I realize WWE wanted to put him over, but this was the 2nd straight PPV that Lashley in essence squashed. Kash/Juventud was good as well, although it was kind’ve slow up until the end. Of course, Orton/Taker stole the show and it’s one of my favorite HIAC matches of all-time. This match is arguably the best match in their whole feud. I usually don’t recommend shows that aren’t 7.5+, but you can find this show dirt cheap on Amazon and eBay so I would at least give it a look.


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