Wrestling PPV Reviews

ROH Death Before Dishonor Review

Overall: 9/10

Low Ki vs. Deranged – Awesome segment

Matt Stryker vs. Jimmy Rave – **3/4

Texas Wrestling Academy vs. Carnage Crew (Weapons Tag Team Match) – ***

The Purists vs. The Outcast Killaz – **1/2

Tom Carter vs. Doug Williams – ***1/2

Homicide vs. BJ Whitmer vs. Colt Cabana vs. Dan Maff (#1 Contenders Trophy Match) – ****

SAT & The Backseat Boyz vs. Special K – ***

Jeff Hardy vs. Joey Matthews vs. Krazy K – *

Raven vs. CM Punk (Dog Collar Match) – **** (Including aftermath)

AJ Styles & Amazing Red© vs. The Briscoe Brothers (ROH Tag Team Championship) – ***1/2

Samoa Joe© vs. Paul London (ROH Championship Match) – ***3/4

Final Thoughts: This show was absolutely amazing. Now I’m not gonna say that this show was the best show ROH has ever had but it has to be in the Top 10. This show was just perfectly booked and had an excellent flow throughout the night. There were a ton of good matches n the show and only 2 that were decent. The TWA/CC Weapons Match was the ultimate hardcore spotfest and I loved every single spot. The #1 Contenders Trophy Match was excellent and I loved the mini feud going on between Homicide and Dan Moff throughout the match. The Triple Threat w/ Jeff Hardy absolutely sucked, filled with botches and mis-communications. The well known Dog Collar Match w/ Raven & Punk is slightly overrated but it still was very gruesome. The Tag Team Title and World Title matches respectively were really good. In Paul London’s last ROH match, he sure did give Joe one helluva fight. This show was a little hard to sit through just because of all the matches on the card, but it was still a great show. Definitely pick this show up!


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