Wrestling PPV Reviews

PWG As The Worm Turns Review

Overall: 8.75/10

Malachi Jackson & Ryan Taylor vs. Johnny Goodtime & Jerome “LTP” Robinson – ***1/4

Brandon Gatson vs. Scott Lost – **3/4

Chris Sabin vs. Roderick Strong – ***3/4

Brandon Bonham, Candice LeRae & Joey Ryan vs. The Cutler Bros. & Christina Von Eerie – ***1/2

Chris Hero vs. Alex Shelley – ***1/2

The Young Bucks© vs. El Generico & Chuck Taylor (PWG Tag Team Title Match) – ****1/4

Kenny Omega© vs. Davey Richards (PWG World Title Match) – ****1/2

Final Thoughts: Great, great show. From top to bottom this show was just phenomenal. The undercard did it’s job and beyond, especially Sabin/Strong. The PWG Tag Team Title match was great. I really loved the finish when the Bucks kept trying and trying to hit More Bang For Your Buck and FINALLY hit it and retained. Main event in one word: AMAZING! I liked this match a tad more than their match the next month at ROH Epic Encounter III. Seeing Davey become the new PWG Champion was special. I definitely recommend this show. Easy to sit through and thoroughly enjoyable.


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