Wrestling PPV Reviews

ROH Epic Encounter III Review

Overall: 8/10

House of Truth vs. The Flatliners – **3/4

Kevin Steen vs. Player Dos – **1/2

Eddie Edwards© vs. Petey Williams (World TV Title Match) – ***1/2

Tyler Black, Tyson Dux, Jay Briscoe & Rasche Brown vs. Austin Aries, The All Night Express, & Adam Pearce – ***1/4

Colt Cabana vs. Steve Corino – **1/2

Chris Hero (3) vs. El Generico (Pick 6 Series Match) – ****

-Great segment w/ Steen, Generico, & Cabana-

Kenny Omega vs. Davey Richards – ****1/2

Final Thoughts: This show was pretty good. I thought the undercard under delievered, especially Steen/Dos.  Petey/Edwards was surprisingly very good & Hero/Generico, Omega/Richards were just outstanding. This show really pushed the Generico&Cabana/Steen&Corino feud, which was much needed. The show could’ve been amazing if Mark Briscoe & Roderick Strong weren’t stopped at the border of Canada and allowed into the country. But I definitely recommend picking this show up. The main event will just amaze you.


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